Anita Lobel


Anita Lobel is well known for her colorful

picture books. Her books have appeared on

The New York Times best illustrated list.

She is a recipient of a

Caldecott Honor Medal.

Her childhood memoir "No Pretty Pictures"

was a finalist for the National Book award.

Many of her books have been translated into

other languages.


Original Artwork

Works on paper available for sale or licensing for reproduction.

Exclusive and nonexclusive rights available.

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A Word from the Artist

I have been illustrating and writing texts for picture books for children since 1965. Many of my books have been translated into several languages and published abroad.

The early pictures were usually black ink drawings. Laid on top of the drawing, on two or three separate illustration boards, an overlay of watercolor washes was prepared. At the printing press these overlays were translated into colors. Blended together this process, if cleverly manipulated, gave on the printed page from a combination of, for example, a green and red or yellow and blue printers inks, an illusion of almost, but not quite, full color. Even though my books from that era do not blaze in full color, my black and white pictures are always intricate. They and their accompanying overlays are often of real interest to collectors of graphic art created for books.

Another medium, involving a less strict manner of pre-separation, consists of a base ink drawing with full color painted on another board. Again these two layers were combined on the printing press. On Market Street, The Rose in My Garden, Once a Lullaby and a couple of others were prepared in this way.

For the past 25 years or so, printing presses have become much more sophisticated. Books are now beautifully printed mostly in China or Japan. All of us in the picture book field have been liberated to indulge in full color painting. Thus I have accumulated an archive of real paintings from many books, which are truly collectable and displayable. These pictures are in demand. I have sold work to individual collectors and institutions in America as well as Japan. I have been included in group exhibitions, such as the annual exhibition of original picture book art at The Society of Illustrators in New York City, exhibitions organized by museums and educational institutions around the country, i.e., The Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia: Myth, Magic and Mystery. One Hundred Years of American Children’s Book Illustration. I have had one person shows at Every Picture Tells a Story in Los Angeles, the Justin Schiller gallery in New York. In Japan my pictures have been included in several museum collections specializing in children’s book illustration. I have now decided to offer the original art from my picture books for sale.

When I was an art student I was interested in painting heroic murals. A complete reversal, a miniaturization of those visions, came to suit me better and it has served me well for many years.